Nadia al Gendi (1995) نادية الجندي

Nadia al Gendi dances in a scene from the 1995 Egyptian film ‘Al Imra’a Hazat Arsh Misr’ (The Woman who Shook the Throne of Egypt امراة هزت عرش مصر). The film also starred Farouk al Fishawi as King Farouk (he’s in this scene) along with Mahmoud Hemeida and Ezzat Abu Aouf.
The film tells the fictional story of Nuha Rushdi played by Nadia al Gendi who is married to a man who becomes one of King Farouk’s doctors. After her divorce from the doctor, she becomes the lover of a Free Army officer and takes part in the 1952 revolution that deposed King Farouk.