Riri (1958)

This is dancer/actress Riri performing in a scene from the 1958 Egyptian drama ‘Touha’ (توحة). The singer with her is Mohamed Abdul Muttalib who like so many others, started his career working as an entertainer in the nightclub of Badia Masabni.
The film starred Hind Rostom in the title role, she’s the woman putting on mascara in this clip. Also starring were Mohsen Sarhan (the man on the balcony) and Abdel Moneim Ismail.

Hind Rostom (1958) هند رستم‎

The baladi dancer in this clip is Egyptian actress Hind Rostom (1929-2011) in a scene from the 1958 film ‘Touha’ (توحة). The man on the balcony is Mohsen Sarhan. Also starring were Mohamed Tawfik, Zahrat el Ola in the small role, Mahmoud Ismail and Kadria Kamel.
Nagwa Fouad also dances in this movie and the clip of her performance is also on TheCaroVan@Vimeo.