Bellydancer in 2000 Egyptian film

This scene featuring a bellydancer is from an Egyptian film titled ‘Sons of Satan’ (ابناء الشيطان) which was released in 2000.  The scene is set in a ‘fight club’ in Istanbul.  The film starred Hussein Fahmy, Hamdi al Wazir and Abir Sabri. Abir Sabri has taken the veil and now appears only in religious programmes.

Hale Sultan (2012)

A very quick clip of Hale Sultan a Turkish bellydancer performing at the Orient House in Istanbul. Hale was the last of three bellydancers performing during the evening. She was terrific but I was a bit disappointed as she danced almost exclusively in the Egyptian style, no Turkish/Rom folkloric, no 9/8 and no zills. Like most performers, she probably tailored her act to suit the audience, which that particular night were mostly Arabic. Many thanks to Michele Harrington for ID-ing Hale.
The music is well known to any dancer as the drum solo from the Tammerhenna routine.

Burçin Orhon

Burçin Orhon started out as a student of Oryantal Dans with Nesrin Topkapi.
As background, Eva Çernik describes Burçin Orhon’s style as:  “,,,,a great variety of steps with very precise and complementary arm and hand movements, sometimes in the angular pharaonic style. She seldom uses zills, which are common among other Turkish dancers. In addition to the hip work of Oryantal Dans, she also does many kicks, and pliés in a wide second position, usually leading into an exaggerated side hip-bump. Her torso movements are sinuous. Stops in the music are captured in elegant but strong poses, rather than in body or hip locks. She sometimes captures one beat in a deep back bend with one knee pulled up, but the momentum of it all pulls her up again directly into another movement (and all this in high heels!).” (‘Habibi’, Vol 14/4,1995)