Saneya Shawki (1947) سنية شوقى

This wedding scene is from the 1947 film ‘Fatma’ with the legendary singer Umm Kulthum in the title role. In this scene she plays the bride and Anwar Wagdi plays Fathy the groom. The bellydancer is Saneya Shawki who, while she doesn’t seem to appear in many movies, was married for 4 or 5 years to Egyptian screen legend Farid Shawki. They divorced in 1950. Saneya Shawki went on to have a successful career as a Mohamed Ali Street style bellydance teacher and mentor, her protégés including Denise Enan.
Anyway back to the film. It also starred Suleiman Nagib and the ever reliable Zuzu Shakib and tells the story of Fatma (Umm Kulthum) who’s a nurse looking after a wealthy patient. She falls in love with the patient’s son and they marry. Eventually her husband abandons her while she is pregnant and his family rejects her. Despite this she takes them on in a seemingly unwinable fight in court and triumphs in the end.

Nabaweya Mustafa (1942) نبوية مصطفى

Nabaweya Mustafa dances in the 1942 Egyptian film ‘Aida’ which starred Umm Kulthum, Abbas Fares, Emad Hamdy and Aziza Badr. The movie was a failure at the box office and may have contributed to the split between Umm Kulthum and her long time composer Mohammad el Qasabgi.