The Great Unknown (1983)

This scene is from the 1983 Egyptian film ‘Kaydahoona Azeem’ (The Great Trap or The Great Snare كيدهن عظيم). The dancer doesn’t seem to be credited.
The film is all about paternity and proving it and starred Farid Shawki. Also starring is legendary bellydancer Taheya Karioka who by this time had moved totally to acting. Taheya Karioka is the lady in black being comforted at the end of the scene. The film also starred Afaf Shoaib, Farouk al Fishawi and Nabila al Sayed.

The Great Unknown (1957)

This uncredited dancer appears in a scene from the 1957 film ‘Al Wesada al Khalia’ (The Empty Pillow) that starred Abdel Halim Hafez (the groom), Lubna Abdel Aziz, Abdel Monem Ibrahim and Shukry Sarhan.
Can anyone ID the dancer please?

The Great Unknown (1952)

An uncredited dancer performs in a scene from the 1952 Egyptian film ‘Amint Ballah’ (I Believe in God آمنت بالله). The film starred Aziza Amer, Samira Ahmed, Kamal Hussein, Thoraya Helmy and Ismail Yassin who’s the man in this clip.