Zeffa (wedding procession) 1948

The zeffa (wedding procession) from the 1948 Egyptian film ‘Talaq Suad Hanem’ (Madame Suad’s Divorce طلاق سعاد هانم). The singer in this scene is Mahmoud Ibrahim Ismail Moussa, better known as Shekuku and he’s pushing the groom (Anwar Wagdy) who’s in a wheelchair (its a long story LOL).
Trivia: Also appearing in this film was Farid Shawki as just a supporting actor. He went on to become a cinema superstar in Egypt.

Fifi Abdu (1993) فيفي عبده

Fifi Abdu dances in a wedding scene from the 1993 film ‘Al Tha’aleb’ (The Foxes) which starred Mahmoud Hamidah, Hatem Zulfikar and Kamal al Shinnawi . The first part of the scene is a wedding zeffa with an uncredited dancer.   Fifi follows and its all very meaningful as she wears red and dances to the song ‘Ala Nar’ which means ‘I’m on fire’.

Zaffa (1948)

A zaffa (wedding procession) from the 1948 film ‘Talaq Soad Hanem’ (Madame Soad’s Divorce طلاق سعاد هانم). The film starred Anwar Wagdi (in the wheelchair), Aqila Ratib (the bride), Bechara Wakim, a young Farid Shawki and comedian Shekoukou who is the singer in this scene.