Hayatem (Egypt)

Alexandria born Hayatim first made her name as a dancer. She has appeared in numerous Egyptian movies, initially as a bellydancer who did a bit of acting but later as an actress who did a bit of dancing. She was married for some years to Egyptian actor Mohamed Khairy.
Hayatim was a terrific dancer in her heyday, despite the sometimes eye searing ‘special effects’ that often featured in her videos. Hayatim oozes confidence and assurance but its not an ‘in-your-face’ aggression that we see from some of today’s dancers. Hayatem’s style is relaxed and fluid and she doesn’t attempt to beat the music to death.
She was featured in a series of Egyptian bellydance VHS tapes that introduced many Western dancers to famous Egyptian dancers such as Nagwa Fouad, Soheir Zaki, Mona al Said and Hala al Safy.

Banat Mazin ghawazee (1967)

These are the three elder Mazin sisters, Souad, Tukha & Ferial, members of one of the last actively performing Ghawazee families. This clip is from the 1967 film ‘Al zawja al Thania’ (The Second Wife  الزوجة الثانية ) which starred Suad Hosni, Saana Gamal, Soheir el Morshedi and Shukry Sarhan.  It tells the story of a nasty village mayor who tires of his first wife and forces one of the villagers to divorce his own wife, Fatima, so the mayor can marry her and bear a male heir. Turns out that Fatima is already pregnant by her husband so the headman has a fit and is paralysed and Fatima restores everything to the way it should be.
Many thanks to Morocco of NY for the ID.

The Great Unknown (1951)

An uncredited zill playing bellydancer performs in a scene from the 1951 Egyptian comedy ‘Beit al ashbah’ (فيلم بيت الأشباح House of Ghosts aka The Haunted House aka إسماعيل يس فى بيت الأشباح Ismail Yassin in the Haunted House) which starred Ismail Yassin, Siraj Munir, Soraya Helmy and Kamal al Shennawi.