Fifi Abdu is the bellydancer in this scene from the 1975 Egyptian film ‘Mamnou fi Laylat El Dokhla’ (Forbidden on the Wedding Night ممنوع فى ليلة الدخله). Bellydance legend Nagwa Fouad plays Zoba, the soon-to-be wife of the bride’s widowed father played by Mohamed Reda. Nagwa dons a hipscarf and joins in the dancing later in the scene. The story of the film, which is a comedy, revolves around Tahseen (Adel Imam) and Mona (Soheir Ramzi) who love each other but her mother Zareefa (Nabila al Sayed) thinks Mona can do better. Zareefa is killed in an accident when she falls through an open manhole and drowns. She then appears as a ghost that only the unfortunate Tahseen can see. In this scene Tahseen and Mona have married. The singer in this scene is Egyptian born Shafik Galal (1929-2000).
Trivia: The man serving the drinks at the start of the clip is Seif Allah Mokhtar.